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You need to be kept stimulated with thrill-seeking activities Leo, and to participate in it, you need to be physically able.

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It is therefore very necessary for you to be up and about all the time. The Moon in Virgo, today, may make you feel indisposed and this could make you unhappy. You may be having some sort of insecurity about your finances which could be acting as a dampener to your spirit. Being in a state of power is what gives you the kick in life.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Although you can be large hearted and generous, many times your dominant nature and your ego, does you in with your loved ones.

The Moon in Libra, may have pricked that pride of yours, making you feel frustrated. You could want to detach yourself from your partner or other loved ones. Sometimes Leo; you need to let go of your rigid and unbending nature, or it could be very lonesome at the top of the herd.

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Wear something in white to transmit good vibes. Anytime between 2 pm and 3 pm is considered to be lucky for you. Today may be the beginning of a love journey, as you are likely to meet Read More Today, you might find it difficult to change your job if you had hoped t Read More If you are trading shares or working in the world of finance, today will Read More You can expect your health to be good today, so continue your regular ph Read More Leo tends to be very confident and outgoing, and you have no problem att Read More Your dazzling drama can heat up everything and oh, very well you can put Read More You are known to bring warmth and excitement to your workplace combined Read More The Leo lad cannot be held back in narrow confines.

He is a big p Read More Each expert featured here is verified by our team for authenticity and expertise.

Leo Daily Horoscope

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Leo Daily Horoscope

As the leader of the pack, it is but hard to miss your charm, Leo and everything about you screams attention. You are the cynosure of all eyes and when you walk in with your head held high there is not the slightest chance The way this in vogue Leo.

With continued emphasis on your work and health sector, this transit can also push you to make profound, lasting lifestyle changes, perhaps through quitting a bad habit, especially around the Unhealthy dependencies need to go!

Mars here can intensify your emotions and turn your attention to the hidden or deep elements of your life. It's an important process that shouldn't be rushed or undervalued, but it does seem to keep you working behind the scenes.

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You might seek out support for a project or clinch a deal now. Venus moving through your home and family sector virtually all month softens any rough edges around the home.

Friday 28th December

Even so, the month can begin a little sluggishly in this regard with Mercury recently retrograde in your romance and creativity sector and heading back into your sector of home and family, turning your attention to a household or family matter that you previously thought to be resolved. Delayed initiatives can reawaken after the 6th.

News can arrive that moves you forward, or you finally get a chance to put a project into motion.

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  • The 21st intensifies the work and health theme. You'll be focusing on building skills, improving your daily routines, and ditching bad habits.


    This theme develops more fully in January. Even so, shortly into this work-focused cycle, a Full Moon occurs on the 22nd , reminding you to pay special attention to rest and spiritual nourishment.

    If you've been overworking or forgetting to attend to your emotional health, this lunation will encourage you to slow down and balance things out. You'll enjoy opportunities to recognize any feelings you've kept at bay or otherwise suppressed, clarifying your vision as you close out the year. Mars moves into harmony with your sign on the very last day of the year, energizing you as you greet the new year.

    The year ahead is potentially brilliant for home and family life and improved habits, routines, health, and work, dear Leo.

    Leo Horoscope

    Even so, you can be very busy making adjustments and fixing problems before things run smoothly. Later in the year, creative and romantic life improves. In many ways, is about establishing yourself. Streamlining and simplifying your daily routines makes sense now.

    Orderliness will be empowering, and paying close attention to deadlines, details, and rules will help tidy up your mind and emotions so that you feel freer to enjoy yourself when pleasure calls, which it is likely to do frequently this year!

    This is an excellent year for starting new regimens to better your health and well-being, such as regular exercise and more structured and productive use of your time. This transit lasts until and is bound to bring you to a healthier, more focused and productive state.

    The very beginnings of long-term businesses or projects might happen for you in You continue to seek comfort, but also growth and improvement, in your domestic life in Get comfortable with yourself — the cosmos are fully supporting this endeavor! Your romantic life can blossom from November forward.

    People are very interested in you romantically speaking, and opportunities can abound. You are pouring more of your heart and soul into what you create and share.

    This can be the time for a long-distance romance for some. Eclipses in your sign and opposing sign continue this year and will complete in early These continue to nudge and prod you to define your life in terms of your partnership needs, bringing up themes of cooperation versus independence.

    This can be a period of a change of relationship status for some Leos. Uranus reaches the top of your solar chart in mid-May but in November, returns to complete its journey of your sector of spirit and adventure.

    Your career direction and relationships with authority figures may very well change in the coming years. Fortunately, this arrives November 8th, It will run until December Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day.