Number 2 birthday ideas

We've got you covered with ideas for invitations, decorations, food, favors, activities, and more. Whether you are throwing a garden-themed birthday party or just want to add some floral decor, these daisy balloons will brighten up the room.

Unicorn food, decor, and outfits made this first birthday party a fantastic sparkly bash. For your next birthday bash, bring the circus to town -- complete with acrobatic stunts, midway treats, and lots of clowning around. Idea from FamilyFun magazine. This party celebrates a child's love of insects -- without a sting to the wallet.

There's a sweet story behind the choice of tacos over cake for this adorable little girl's first birthday party. Little Kimber loves Costco so much, she asked for her fifth birthday party to be themed after the superstore--and her parents came through big time!

Set the scene for a sweet shindig with colorful confections and decor that won't cheap out on the fun! This candy-breathing beast is surprisingly quick to assemble. The only thing faster? The speed at which young dragon slayers will devour him!

Step right up to the greatest birthday bash of the summer, with sweet treats and prizes for everyone. Turn your home into a feline fantasy with all things kitty. From decorations to games, this party is truly purr-fect. Do you have a mad scientist on your hands?

Our Mad Scientist Birthday Cake is the perfect birthday party experiment. Who can resist a caterpillar? Our Caterpillar Crawl Birthday Cake video shows you how to create a sweet birthday treat. Luau-Theme Birthday Party Celebrate your child's next birthday by hosting a backyard luau party, complete with Hawaiian-inspired decor, food, games and more.

2nd Birthday Party Themes: the Decor, the Food, the Cake and More!

Zoo Birthday Party Turn your kids and their friends into party animals at this bash for tykes of all ages. Always seek the direct advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.

Parents may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. Experts say to invite the same number of kids as the child's age, but trust your judgment about how many little guests your kid can happily handle.

By Jessica Hartshorn and Pamela Stock. What Does Baby Want?

Birthday Party Themes - Creative Birthday Party Theme Ideas -

Are young kids coming? Have your party take place either before 1 p. For the sake of your sanity, give the party a start and end time. It's the first step in getting the "time to go!

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With the invitations themselves, add a homemade touch by tracing your baby's hand on the outside of a blank card. Or let your toddler "decorate" with stickers. Look Who's Coming Consider having separate parties for the grown-up crowd grandparents and other relatives, plus adult friends and the kiddie crowd cousins, playgroup kids, or your child's preschool class.

The Gifted Child Do you wish your child could receive fewer toys? Suggest books or bookstore gift certificates. Try not opening gifts until after everyone leaves if there are a lot of jealous 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old guests.

If someone must see baby open his or her gift, do it in a room away from tantrum-prone youngsters. Write down who gave you what you can assign Grandma this job , then send short thank-you notes.

A pain for a busy mom, we know, but so appreciated by the guests, who also had to go out of their way.

You can register for your child's gifts at Toys "R" Us. It's not very subtle but it's a way to prevent duplicates and inappropriate toys.

Cakes and Goodies Cake Secret! Goody Bags Kids love goody bags and they really don't care what's in them—they just want to get something! Prepping the Birthday Child Being the star of the party is hard. Let the Games Begin By your child's second birthday party , you're going to need organized activities.

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Have an activity to do immediately to warm up the kids. Try coloring birthday hats or putting stickers on a "Happy Birthday" sign. For instance, with face painting, washable tattoos, or hand-stamps.

Boys’ Birthday party ideas

Not all toddlers like this, but some love it. Ideally you know a friend or teenager who's good at it—she can set up in a corner and let kids come to her. Go on a scavenger hunt. Kids can search for cheap little favors pinwheels, balls or something seasonal mini pumpkins. In the winter, each child could get a mitten and look for the matching one.

Birthday Party Themes

For less expensive fun, try: Set several children's chairs in a row with enough toy instruments on them so that each kid can have one. Put in a CD and play music as each child marches around the chairs, playing the instruments. When you stop the music, each child puts his or her instrument down and picks up a different one.

Start the music and marching again. Play music and have the kids dance.

When the music stops, the kids have to freeze. No one has to be "out. The kids sit in a circle and pass a stuffed toy around while the music plays. When the music stops, the child left holding the toy is "out" but gets to go somewhere fun.